U.S., Switzerland Collab to Test ‘New Transportation Paradigm’: Drones


Matternet, a California-based technology company; Swiss Post; and Swiss WorldCargo, the air cargo division of Swiss International Air Lines, have teamed up to test practical uses of drone technology, including package deliveries.

The primary aim of this joint pilot project is a proof of concept to clarify the legal framework, consider local conditions, and explore the technical and business capabilities of drones.

The first tests are scheduled to take place in Switzerland this summer.

The partners will test a number of Matternet ONE drones. These vehicles have been exclusively designed for the transportation of small packages and will be deployed with partners for the first time in this proof of concept.

Matternet ONE’s centrally located payload makes it easy to load and unload packages, and the aircraft is light and strong enough to transport 1 kg of payload up to 20 km on a single battery charge.

It is also capable of autonomous operations, following secure routes generated by Matternet’s proprietary cloud software.

“We are extremely excited to bring Matternet ONE to Switzerland, one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, and discover how this new transportation paradigm will bring tremendous value to our partners, their customers and the country at large,” comments Andreas Raptopoulos, CEO of Matternet.

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