Upcoming Hearing: Senate Subcommittee on UAS Key Considerations

1000_drone_fake_clouds Upcoming Hearing: Senate Subcommittee on UAS Key ConsiderationsU.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H. – chair of the Subcommittee on Aviation Operations, Safety and Security – will convene a hearing on key considerations for unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

The hearing, entitled ‘Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Key Considerations Regarding Safety, Innovation, Economic Impact, and Privacy,’ will take place on Tuesday, March 24 at 2:30 p.m. in Washington, D.C.

It will broadly examine the potential, beneficial uses for UAS and the efforts of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on safe integration of UAS in the National Airspace System. It will also explore potential privacy concerns associated with the emerging technology.

FAA officials will provide an update on the agency’s efforts to safely integrate UAS, and the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) will discuss its new process for formulating industry best practices to address privacy concerns associated with commercial UAS.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) will offer its perspective on implementation issues and test-site development. Other witnesses will share industry views on current federal actions, expected uses of the new technology, and the capacity for innovation that could provide positive economic impacts associated with expanded use of UAS.

Witnesses will include the following:

· Margaret Gilligan, associate administrator for aviation safety at the FAA;
· John B. Morris Jr., associate administrator for the office of policy analysis and development at the NTIA;
· Gerald Dillingham, director of civil aviation issues at the U.S. GAO;
· John Villasenor, non-resident senior fellow at The Brookings Institution;
· Paul Misener, vice president of global public policy at Amazon Inc.; and
· Jeff VanderWerff, of VWO LLC, representing the American Farm Bureau Federation.

Witness testimony, opening statements and a live video of the hearing will be available here.


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