Unmanned Safety Institute Brings Training to Great Lakes Region


836_166311199 Unmanned Safety Institute Brings Training to Great Lakes RegionCenter Mass Inc. (CMI), a Livonia, Mich.-based law enforcement weapons and tactical training provider, has partnered with The Unmanned Safety Institute (USI), a training organization for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) operators.

Through the partnership, CMI will bring UAS training to its facilities throughout the Great Lakes region. CMI will be the exclusive provider of USI’s law enforcement and public safety curriculum for the area, which includes Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ontario.

Jeff Felts, president of CMI, says, “We see this technology as a natural fit and progression of our business model and our mission to help our clients save lives.” CMI is a veteran-owned small business serving the general public, law enforcement and military clientele.

USI currently offers a range of training options, both online and in person, regardless of the operator’s level of experience.

“UAS serve to be a force multiplier for police and first responders,” says Alex Mirot, president of USI. “Our training helps public servants develop the skills necessary to use UAS to protect and save lives and achieve mission success.”

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