Unmanned Safety Institute Brings Drone Curriculum to Washington State

The Orlando, Fla.- based Unmanned Safety Institute (USI), a subsidiary of ARGUS International Inc. and a provider of educational curriculum and industry certifications to students interested in a career as professional remote pilots, has expanded its drone education into Washington state.

Bremerton School District, which is located across the Puget Sound from Seattle and has about 5,200 students, will offer courses to Bremerton High School students. The new USI Drone Technology and Safety course will be offered as part of an Aeronautical Engineering pathway. Engineering 3 students will learn to build and program drones and have the opportunity to become USI Safety-certified and thus employable in the drone market, says USI.

“As superintendent of the Bremerton School District, I am both thrilled and thankful that the students in our community will now have access to rigorous coursework in the Aeronautical Engineering field,” comments Dr. Aaron Leavell. “This opportunity can lead to an important and critical career field. Much of our future in business, safety and security points to drone intelligence, and we are more than pleased to lead the way in engaging young minds in this endeavor.”

The USI curriculum is made up of four college-equivalent courses totaling over 180 hours of instruction, including live flights. Students who successfully complete the program are eligible to take USI’s credentialing exam, leading to the Small UAS Safety Certification, demonstrating expertise in the safe and professional application of drones. The program includes a supplemental workbook, instructor aids and course content packaged in USI’s digital Learning Management System.

USI says its education program, now in its third year, has been successful in the state of Florida; it has achieved statewide articulation with the Department of Education and has grown to over 100 high schools. USI also recently announced an expansion into Texas.


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