Unmanned Experts, SkyWard Team up to Provide UAS Support

Unmanned Experts Inc. and SkyWard have partnered to provide training and regulatory support for commercial drone operators.

As a result of the collaboration, customers will have access to a full-service package that will help them gain faster and safer access to the national airspace.

SkyWard connects both drones and their operators with information to fly safely and in compliance with regulatory and insurance requirements. The company, also a member of the Small UAV Coalition, is supported by a team of professional pilots and regulatory experts who can help get new drone businesses off the ground with everything needed to build a safe, compliant and insured operation.
Unmanned Experts’s team has over 25,000 flying hours on unmanned aerial system (UAS) platforms and over 35,000 flying hours on manned aircraft. They provide insurance-qualified flight training to operators and manufacturers worldwide. The company provides training packages on client aircraft as well as on its own fleet.



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