Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Track Endangered Koalas

933_92903263 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Track Endangered KoalasAustralian researchers are deploying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to keep track of the endangered koalas in the wild.

Queensland University of Technology researchers are flying UAVs – equipped with infrared cameras – through areas of koala-inhabited land not easily accessible by humans, according to a report from ABC News Australia.

The aircraft can fly, for example, over trees or through bushland covered in undergrowth. Once the camera spots a koala, it sends a photo to the operators, who can then determine the location of the animals and keep a count of the population.

In the future, the researchers may also use the data to determine further conservation methods, such as relocating the animals to safer environments.

Read the full coverage here.

A video on the project can be found here.


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