UAVs Help Scientists on the Himalayan Mountains


357_474513517 UAVs Help Scientists on the Himalayan MountainsScientists are reaping the benefits of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in place of satellites for their research on the Himalayas.

According to a SciDev.Net report, scientists from Nepal and the Netherlands are conducting a study of the melted water of the glaciers and are using the UAVs to reach and capture imagery of the high-elevation areas.

The report notes that using the UAVs for research takes less time and effort and is easier for areas that are littered with debris and cannot be accessed with other equipment.

Rijan Bhakta Kayastha, coordinator at the Himalayan Cryosphere, Climate and Disaster Research Centre of Nepal’s Kathmandu University, told SciDev.Net that the university’s glaciology program has “plans to buy [its] own UAV and send students for field research.”

The entire SciDev.Net article can be accessed here.

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