UAVs Help Golfers Take their Game Off the Green


341_golf UAVs Help Golfers Take their Game Off the GreenThe Martindale Country Club in Auburn, Maine, is giving players two choices when they visit for a round of golf: a standard, outdoor course or a simulated version, digitized with the help of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

According to a Boston Globe report, the company P3 used UAVs, computers and photography to design a remarkably realistic simulation of a golf game: Minute details include company logos on tee markers, as well as specific models of cars in the virtual lot.

With the aid of UAVs flown at three different heights, P3 makes the $30,000 simulator over four weeks in order to get an exact rendering of an actual golf course that can then be played on during any time of the year.

The full article on the Boston Globe can be found here.

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