uAvionix Teams Up With Dronecode Foundation on Sense-and-Avoid Tech

Palo Alto, Calif.-based uAvionix Corp., a provider of unmanned automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) technology, and Dronecode, a nonprofit organization creating an open-source platform for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have announced a plan to collaborate on advanced development in ADS-B sense-and-avoid functionality in ArduPilot-based drones.

The uAvionix Ping, a 6-gram ADS-B transponder available for unmanned aircraft, is able to detect all aircraft threats within a 30-statute-mile radius in real time, says uAvionix. The MAVlink-based communication protocol found throughout the ArduPilot (APM) provides a plug-n-play integration of the uAvionix Ping transponder.

“Being able to access the Dronecode application ecosystem will provide huge advancements in real-time sense-and-avoid behavior,” says Adam Paugh, uAvionix’s director of business development. “This collaboration in open-source, ArduPilot-based development with standardized protocols, such as MAVLink, will accelerate deployable solutions for agile and reliable operation in the national airspace.”

A Linux Foundation collaborative project, Dronecode brings together existing and future open-source UAV software projects, including the APM UAV software platform, which was originally developed by 3DRobotics. More than 1,200 developers are working on Dronecode’s six projects.

Photo: uAvionix Ping installed on a 3DR Solo quadcopter


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