uAvionix Introduces 1.5-Gram ADS-B Receiver for Drone Collision Avoidance

Palo Alto, Calif.-based electronics manufacturer uAvionix has introduced an automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B) receiver that weighs only 1.5 grams and requires 1/100th the power of a conventional ADS-B receiver, according to the company.

uAvionix says the pingRX software, which implements sense-and-avoid capabilities for small drones, measures 32 x 15 x 3 millimeters.

According to uAvionix, pingRX receives ADS-B information broadcast by other aircraft on two frequencies approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (978 MHz and 1090 MHz) – allowing the unit to detect commercial aircraft within a 100-statute-mile radius in real time.

The solution is designed for direct MAVLink integration with Pixhawk autopilots and APM Mission Planner software.

uAvionix says it develops a small, light and affordable family of ADS-B transponders, receivers and navigation tools. The Ping network system combines hardware, software, and real-time airspace mapping to enable companies to safely operate drones in national airspace.



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