UAV Services Company CCLD Scooped up by Engineering Firm

Congruex, a company established for the purpose of building a U.S. platform delivering end-to-end engineering, construction and maintenance services to broadband service providers and utility operators, has announced the completion of its first acquisition, C.C.L.D. Technologies, whose lines of business include unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) services.

The acquisition of CCLD follows Congruex’s recent partnership with Crestview Partners, a New York-based private equity firm with significant experience in cable, telecommunications and business services.

Founded in 1999, CCLD is an outside plant (OSP) telecommunications contracting firm headquartered in Buford, Ga. The company operates across four lines of business: construction, engineering and design, drone services, and disaster recovery network services. According to Congruex, CCLD specializes in emerging technologies and has developed applications of LiDAR for OSP engineering.

“We are pleased to announce our first acquisition and look forward to working closely with CCLD as we build a best-in-class engineering and construction management platform,” says Bill Beans, CEO of Congruex. “We are currently evaluating a host of further exciting acquisition opportunities that will empower Congruex to perform nationwide turnkey design, development and construction though our program management resource of outside plant fiber projects. In turn, Congruex will ultimately become one of the largest pure network engineering firms in the nation.”


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