UAV Operator Lands in Trouble at Seattle’s Space Needle


444_200366798-001 UAV Operator Lands in Trouble at Seattle's Space NeedleThere were recent reports of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that struck Seattle's Space Needle, but the police are now saying there might be nothing to fuss about after all.

According to the city's police blotter, security personnel at the tourist attraction contacted police on the night of July 22 after witnesses said they spotted a small UAV fly around and crash into the top of the landmark. They claimed it then flew two blocks down and landed inside the fifth floor of a hotel.

However, the Seattle Police Department say there were no signs of impact to the Needle, and when they found the operator, he showed them the footage he had captured, which involved visitors waving from the observation deck – but nothing on the video suggested a collision.

Interestingly enough, the operator was reportedly an employee of Amazon, the online retail giant that has publicly expressed since December its plan to roll out a delivery service by UAV, much to the dismay of the Federal Aviation Administration.

Seattle is no stranger to UAV controversy: Last month, a woman called police after she spotted a vehicle hovering outside her 26th-floor apartment window.

Read the entire Seattle Police Department blotter here.

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