UAV Operator Discovers Man Relaxing on Top of Wind Turbine


1458_thinkstockphotos-482766116 UAV Operator Discovers Man Relaxing on Top of Wind TurbineWhile using his unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to collect footage of a wind turbine in Rhode Island, a man ended up discovering someone nonchalantly relaxing at the top.

The Daily Mail reports that Kevin Miller, a San Diego native who was vacationing in Rhode Island, wanted to get a good look at the non-operational tower, so he sent his drone up.

When the aircraft reached the height of the structure, Miller spotted, through his first-person point of view monitor on the ground, a barefoot, unharnessed man sprawled out on his back – 200 feet in the air on top of the nacelle.

The UAV footage shows the man waving to the aircraft, which Miller then piloted back and forth as if to wave back.

It appears the man reached his perch through a maintenance door and then up the inside ladder of the turbine, the report says.

The full Daily Mail coverage, including the UAV video, can be found here.

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