UAV Monitors Water Vegetation to Help Combat Texas Drought


To combat the current drought near Austin, Texas, a local lake management company is deploying an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to assess the harmful vegetation on the water.

Moss Monster is using the Y6 multicopter aircraft from Berkeley, Calif.-based 3D Robotics, according to a description on a YouTube video from the UAV technology provider.

To assess the growth, Clifton Chowning – who owns and runs Moss Monster – says in the video that he uses the UAV to fly over areas of the water “again and again and again” on a monthly basis.

An abundance of “non-native” vegetation on a lake, such as hydrilla, can wipe out the water supply, 3D Robotics explains in the description.

“It’s real easy to tell something has changed when you’re looking down on it,” Chowning adds. Because the Y6 aircraft is an affordable solution, he says, “There’s no way to compare that to anything. That’s where this technology is going to help us all.”

View the video here.

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