UAV Helps Search-and-Rescue Crew with Successful Mission


An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has been credited with helping to locate five missing persons at a ski resort in British Columbia.

According to a report from CTVNews, Kamloops Search and Rescue (KSAR) – a volunteer rescue group based in Kamloops, British Columbia – deployed UAVs with infrared cameras to track down snowboarders and skiers at 5:00 yesterday morning. The report says they had been missing since Monday and were in danger of becoming trapped in a gully.

CFJC Today reported in December that KSAR is receiving government funding for its one-year drone pilot program. Hummingbird Drones, also based in Kamloops, is assisting with the project.

A Facebook post from KSAR notes that Hummingbird Drones drove three hours to help in yesterday’s search.

“In the future, every progressive SAR team will have a drone or access to a drone for a search,” the group says in another Facebook post. “However, it will never replace boots on the ground.” KSAR says SAR teams will still always need experts such as extraction, K9 and medical teams.

The group claims this rescue was the “first documented missing person being located by a search-and-rescue team using infrared cameras in BC.”

Photo courtesy of KSAR

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