UAV Flies Over California Shore to Check for Sharks

1248_thinkstockphotos-475676448 UAV Flies Over California Shore to Check for SharksAn unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is being used to scout for sharks swimming close to the shore of a California beach.

According to a report from CBS Los Angeles, for a month now, a lifeguard at Orange County's Seal Beach has been flying the UAV roughly 100 feet above the ocean, watching for shadows and then flying the aircraft closer to get a better view of what could be a shark.

The drone – which, according to the report’s video, is the new DJI Phantom 3 – has helped to spot around a dozen sharks in only 10 minutes of flight time. Then, the lifeguards can warn swimmers of the creatures – which, due to their behavior, however, have not been identified as a threat to humans.

The full CBS Los Angeles coverage can be found here.


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