UAV Faces Unique Durability Tests, Including Car Wash


391_460466727 UAV Faces Unique Durability Tests, Including Car WashA company is taking a creative – and fairly destructive – approach to seeing just how durable unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can be.

Fast Co., describing itself as a business media brand with focuses including technology, posted a series of videos on YouTube under the name ‘FastCompany’ and put UAVs under some serious stress tests.

One video shows a UAV flying casually through a car wash. Following rounds of suds, scrubbing and streams of water, the vehicle makes it out seemingly unharmed. Other rounds of testing show the aircraft meeting a swinging baseball bat and a heavyweight boxer and, not surprisingly, failing the durability tests after crashing into a heap on the ground.

One test even pits two unmanned systems against each other: the UAV versus the remote-controlled car. In the end, it’s the ground vehicle that beats the air vehicle.

The company’s YouTube faceoffs can be found here.

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