UAV Explores Depths of 680-Foot-High Chimney

468_458430511 UAV Explores Depths of 680-Foot-High ChimneyUnless you are a chimney sweeper or a friend of Mary Poppins, you might not know exactly what it looks like in the depths of a chimney, but drone footage in Ireland offers a glance.

The Telegraph reports that someone operated an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) over and inside the highest structures in the City of Dublin – the 680-foot-high Poolbeg Chimneys – as well as over the city’s industrial area by the water.

The video shows what one might imagine would comprise the inside of a vast tubular structure: endless nothingness. However, the nothingness reaches a frightening level as the vehicle hovers lower and lower through the top portion of the chimney to reveal its hollow, dark center with no end.

View the full Telegraph report and video footage here.


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