UAV Company 3D Robotics Secures Significant Venture Capital

3D Robotics (3DR), an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) company, says it has secured a $6 million investment from venture capital firm Mayfield as a part of 3DR's $30 million Series B funding round, which was announced in September.

3DR, which was founded by former Wired magazine editor-in-chief Chris Anderson, designs and manufactures UAVs such as multicopters and airplanes, as well as related electronics. The company created the open-source APM autopilot line, and APM:Copter and APM:Plane UAVs (formerly ArduCopter and ArduPlane).

‘3D Robotics is the poster child for how the 'Maker Movement' is spawning massive new industries, starting from open-source hobbyist community DIY drones, and now evolving into a commercial-grade platform that will disrupt many different markets,’ says Tim Chang, managing director of Mayfield. ‘We're thrilled to be working with Chris and the team and to have a ringside seat at the birth of this exciting new wave.’


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