Small UAV Coalition Unveils Drone Operator Directory

The Small UAV Coalition has launched a directory of authorized commercial drone operators in the U.S. – The coalition says the directory was established by Proven, a data-driven platform developed to provide verified information and reviews of consumer products and services.

According to the coalition, the launch comes in anticipation of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Final Small UAS Rule implementation – commonly known as Part 107 – beginning Aug. 29.

The comprehensive directory, says the coalition, will serve as a platform to connect operators and consumers and will be a critical tool as demand for commercial drone services grows and the pool of authorized commercial operators expands under the FAA’s new regulatory framework.

The directory ranks companies by both their quality and the number of clients they have. Although the resource contains all holders of Section 333 exemptions, “all drone service companies” are welcome to create a profile, the platform states.

“The impact of this rule will be felt nationwide, from Realtors and photographers, to commercial developers and inspectors. Sites like Proven will help businesses from every industry find reliable operators, whether it is for a large commercial development or the inspection of one’s roof,” comments Michael Drobac, executive director of the Small UAV Coalition.

“This platform will provide an invaluable tool for consumers eager to hire trusted drone operators as a means of leveraging this transformative technology. It is a game-changer,” he adds.


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