UAV Carrying Magnetic Sensor to Help with Gold Exploration

Rockcliff Copper Corp., a Canadian resource-exploration company, will be deploying a drone for a magnetometer survey to identify high-grade gold mineralization.

The company will use the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) over its entire Laguna Gold property, which hosts the Laguna gold mine, a former gold mine in the Flin Flon-Snow Lake mining camp in Manitoba.

According to Rockcliff, the area hosts the highest-grade unmined NI 43-101 copper deposits (the gold-rich Talbot copper deposit and the Rail copper deposit) and the highest-grade unmined historical zinc deposits (the Lon zinc deposit, the Bur zinc deposit and the Morgan zinc deposit).

“The detailed drone survey will aid in the potential identification of new structurally controlled, high-grade, gold-rich environments under the property’s thin overburden cover, as well as follow the known areas of gold mineralization,” explains Ken Lapierre, president and CEO of the company. “With multiple high-grade, gold-rich quartz veins throughout the Laguna property and no diamond drilling completed since the 1940s, the present exploration program is the first systematic, scientific exploration program on the property in over 70 years.”

A total of 1,116 kilometers of tightly spaced lines will be surveyed by A.I.R. Inc. from Flin Flon, Manitoba. Rockcliff says the UAV is a helicopter-style, vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft carrying a potassium magnetic sensor underneath.

A GPS-guided autopilot, coupled with ground elevation data, will allow the drone to fly accurate survey lines that hug the terrain, says Rockcliff, adding that it will now be possible to resolve individual magnetic anomalies that were previously indistinguishable when surveyed using conventional ground and airborne surveys.

Ultimately, the company adds, magnetic surveys done from a UAV will deliver higher-quality magnetic data at a decreased cost while reducing environmental impact.


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