Two More Companies Join the Small UAV Coalition

828_487690191 Two More Companies Join the Small UAV CoalitionThe Small UAV Coalition has announced the addition of two new members, Hazon Solutions and DroneDeploy, to its growing alliance of technology companies advocating for the safe integration of small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the National Airspace System.

Hazon Solutions‘ mission is to support, develop and validate unmanned system operations. The Virginia Beach-Va.-based company aims to achieve this by developing standards and programs for UAV operations, training, safety and management. For example, it has designed complete training programs for UAV pilots, sensor operators and safety observers.

It also plans to become an independent verifier and validator of UAV programs for insurers or investors. Hazon Solutions has a Certificate of Authorization to test UAVs at the Virginia Tech test site. It is currently using UAVs to inspect utility infrastructure and expects to test procedures, platforms and sensors related to precision agriculture.

San Francisco-headquartered DroneDeploy has created a cloud-based command platform that can control multiple UAVs at one time and can transmit, process and share data in real time.

The company has raised $2 million in seed funding and has partnerships with Parrot, AgEagle and SteadiDrone. Its software can be used for multiple applications, including agriculture, construction and surveying. DroneDeploy is also working with 3DR, SkyWard, DJI and Sky-Futures on the Urban Skyways Project.

“We are excited to have these two innovative companies join us for what will be a crucial
year for our coalition,” says Michael Drobac, executive director.

Board members of the Small UAV Coalition, which was formed last fall, are 3DR, Aerialtronics, Airware, Amazon Prime Air, DJI Innovations, EHang, Google[x] Project Wing, GoPro, Parrot, PrecisionHawk, Sky-Futures and SkyWard.


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