Trimble Rolls Out Unmanned Aircraft System For Photogrammetric Aerial Mapping


Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Trimble has introduced its next-generation unmanned aircraft system (UAS) – the Trimble UX5 aerial imaging rover with the Trimble Access aerial imaging application.

According to Trimble, the new solution builds upon the strengths of its predecessor, the Trimble Gatewing X100, to offer enhanced image quality and intuitive workflows. Flights are fully automated from launch to landing and require no piloting skills.

In addition, Trimble says the UX5 is capable of flights between 75 meters and 750 meters above ground level and can be flown in light rain and windy conditions.

The company notes that performance enhancements also include the ability to execute steep landing approaches and thrust reversal for accurate and repeatable landings. The landing procedure starts only 300 meters from the landing location, allowing the UX5 to be used for jobs that have site restrictions, such as buildings, towers or trees.

Combined with the Trimble Business Center photogrammetry office software module, the company adds that the Trimble UX5 is a complete UAS photogrammetric mapping solution specifically designed for surveyors and geospatial professionals.

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