Traveling Ground Control Station Processes Drone Data out in the Field

Texas-based Chaney Aerospace LLC has released the Alio ground control station, which the company says gives commercial drone operators the ability to process sensor data in the field without having to go back to the office or upload data from the drone to the cloud.

The ground control station features an integrated computer and 21.5-inch touchscreen monitor inside a molded resin Pelican case. All models come are equipped with Windows 7 64-bit Professional. Custom stations are also available by request, says the company.

The product comes in three options, according to the processor, memory, graphics and solid-state drive: basic ($5,299), standard ($6,950) and professional ($7,999).

The rolling case features five press-and-pull latches, two in-line wheels, three double-layered soft-grip handles, and one telescoping handle. The station is available in black, yellow and olive green.

“The Alio ground control station provides computing power not available by the average laptop or tablet used in the field by many drone operators,” explains Will Chaney, CEO of Chaney Aerospace. “Our ground control stations are perfect for compiling sensor data in the field and planning flight paths.”


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