Topcon Debuts Unmanned Aerial Positioning System

Topcon Positioning Group has announced the release and availability in Europe of the Topcon SIRIUS PRO powered by MAVinci. The SIRIUS PRO, Topcon says, is an unmanned aerial system (UAS) designed to produce solutions for automated mapping of construction sites, pipelines, disaster areas, mines, quarries and other sites without regard for terrain.

The company notes that in October 2013, Topcon Europe Positioning entered into a strategic partnership with UAS provider MAVinci GmbH, resulting in the release of the SIRIUS PRO.

According to Topcon, the SIRIUS PRO is a fixed-wing UAS capable of producing high-quality and pre-positioned aerial photography without the need for extensive ground control.

The UAS can be used in mountainous areas, as the flight plan adapts to elevation, Topcon says. The company adds that the aircraft can cover areas that require multiple flights because the flight plan automatically splits and rejoins for post-processing.

Furthermore, Topcon reports that the UAS is launched by hand, can land in areas where automatic landing is impossible using assisted autopilot mode and flies in all weather conditions.


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