Three New Reports Surface of UAVs Spotted Near Major Airport

693_86482754 Three New Reports Surface of UAVs Spotted Near Major AirportMore reports have surfaced of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flights allegedly taking place near commercial airline flights.

This time, the three incidents – which the Federal Aviation Administration is in the middle of looking into – occurred in the past week near John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, according to a story from Bloomberg.

The report says although the three different manned aircraft pilots – on Delta, JetBlue and Virgin Atlantic flights – did not need to take any “evasive action,” they noticed a UAV in flight when they were nearing landing at JFK.

The Virgin and Delta flights were both around 10 miles from the airport, and the JetBlue flight was two miles away.

Earlier this year, a UAV and a US Airways passenger jet allegedly nearly collided near the Tallahassee, Fla., airport. Officials originally suspected the UAV bore resemblance to a military fighter jet. However, POLITICO recently reported that it was actually a remote-controlled model aircraft.

Read the full Bloomberg coverage of the recent reports here.


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