ThermalCapture Fusion Captures Both Visual and Thermal Drone Imagery

TeAx Technology has introduced the ThermalCapture Fusion, a lightweight, dual-camera solution to store both thermal and visual drone data.

The company says ThermalCapture Fusion is designed to be a stand-alone and flexible drone payload that is compatible with most commercially available small drones. Excluding the gimbal, the solution weighs approximately 0.28 lbs.

In addition, TeAx Technology interface with its own ThermalView solution, as well as FLIR Tools, Pix4D, DroneDeploy and Icaros OneButton solutions. Targeted applications are industrial inspections, GIS/mapping, and security and surveillance.

Attached to a drone platform, the solution provides both a live view for thermal and visual sensors, as well as the capability to store both data streams for further post-processing via a microSD card.

“Small commercial drones were missing out on a solution of a perfectly aligned dual camera, which connects both the thermal and the visual world professionally together,” says Markus Ax, CEO of TeAx Technology.


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