The Truth Comes Out About the Pizza Delivery by Drone


363_453503831 The Truth Comes Out About the Pizza Delivery by DroneIt was reported in May that a pizza place in Mumbai, India, used an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to deliver a pizza to a customer in a high-rise apartment. It is now revealed to be a hoax.

Mumbai Mirror says that following the story's wild rush from the media, police took a closer look and revealed that the video of the “delivery” was highly edited, comprising various clips from different locations to deceive the viewer.

Not only was there no 13-inch Margherita pizza, but there was no pizza at all – rather, an empty box that was attached to the UAV, which then flew and was filmed no higher than 10 feet outside the restaurant, in a parking lot, inside an apartment and on a terrace.

Police began the investigation in the interest of security but have not found anything to charge the restaurant with, according to the article.

The full Mumbai Mirror report can be found here.

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