The Nature Conservancy Brings in Agribotix Drone Solutions

Boulder, Colo.-based Agribotix LLC has partnered with The Nature Conservancy to provide drones, image processing, data analytics and consulting to assist with aerial surveys for the organization’s conservation work.

Agribotix provides drone-enabled agricultural intelligence solutions to farmers and agricultural service providers. Although its core market is agriculture, Agribotix says its hardware and data processing technology is well suited for land management.

Through the agreement, Agribotix will provide Enduro quadcopters and supply FarmLens image processing, consulting and on-site support.

“Drones have helped make our work more efficient while also providing advanced mapping capabilities we haven’t had before,” says Gustavo Lozada, technology and information services operations manager for The Nature Conservancy. “For example, drones help us survey places that are very difficult to reach on foot. I am excited about the partnership with Agribotix and look forward to working with them to discover new ways that their technology can help further our conservation goals.”

Tom McKinnon, chief technology officer of Agribotix, notes that the partnership may extend to wildlife tracking in the future.

Agribotix LLC Zapata composite NDVI screenshot
Agribotix used its drone-enabled agricultural intelligence platform to map 600 acres of land and assess the health of the cottonwood forest.


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