The Latest Round of Commercial UAS Exemptions

932_177235853 The Latest Round of Commercial UAS ExemptionsThe Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been granting a number of commercial exemptions for unmanned aerial system (UAS) operations.

Since it made its last announcement of FAA exemptions in early February, the agency has granted, through the Section 333 exemption process, commercial UAS authorization to the following companies: Pravia LLC, Viafield, Blue-Chip UAS, Asymmetric Technologies, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co., Chevron UAS Inc., Capital Aerial Video LLC, BOSH Precision Agriculture DBA Digital Harvest and Picture Factory Inc.

Through two exemptions, Pravia LLC can operate an E384 from Event 38 and the senseFly eBee to produce high-resolution imagery for agriculture analysis. Viafield, which also received permission to use the senseFly eBee, can operate the aircraft for precision agriculture. Digital Harvest also received permission to operate a UAS – a Super Swiper from Bosh Technologies – for precision agriculture surveys.

Blue-Chip UAS’ exemption allows for operations of the Sensurion Magpie MP-1 for various industries, including agriculture, oil and gas, aerial photography, and wildlife preservation.

Aymmetric Technologies and State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. have received exemptions for bridge and roof inspections, respectively. Asymmetric can operate the md4-1000 from Microdrones, while State Farm was granted permission to fly the Altura Zenith ATX8 from Aerialtronics.

Through its exemption, Chevron UAS Inc. can operate a Skycatch quadrotor UAS for monitoring controlled-access oil and gas facilities.

Capital Aerial Video LLC has been granted permission to operate a DJI FlameWheel550 UAS for aerial photography and video of real property more than two acres in area. Picture Factory Inc.’s exemption allows for aerial filming in the motion picture, video, photography and television industries. The exemption includes the operations of the Foxtech Kraken 130 V2 and the Tarot Oct-Copter X8.

A list of all of the FAA’s current UAS exemptions, along with the legal documents, can be found here.


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