The Five Latest Commercial UAS Exemptions

The Federal Aviation Administration recently granted five more Section 333 exemptions for commercial unmanned aerial system (UAS) operations.

The entities receiving the approvals are LowCountryRC Corp. (LOCORC), Commonwealth Edison Co., VDOS Global, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. and Video Solutions LLC.

LOCORC is authorized to fly a UAS for research and development of economic platforms for aerial survey, law enforcement, first responders and search-and-rescue, according to the FAA. The company’s request document states, “The substance of this request is essentially the same as that granted to Astraeus Aerial … in that LOCORC is engaged in aerial photograph of structures using similar lightweight, remote controlled [UAS] in remote areas to minimize the need to climb [high] structures.”

Under the exemption granted to Commonwealth Edison Co., the company can fly a DJI S900 UAS for electric transmission and distribution utility system monitoring, powerline inspections, and damage assessments.

VDOS Global, which has received an amended exemption, was authorized to conduct flare stack inspections on 14 Shell Oil Gulf of Mexico platforms 12 nautical miles off the U.S. coast. Through the amendment, the company can now conduct inspections on land, beyond only the Gulf of Mexico and for other companies besides Shell Oil.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co., which recently received an exemption to fly UAS for roof inspections, can now operate UAS for further aerial inspections related to insurance.

Through its exemption, Video Solutions LLC is authorized to fly the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ for closed-set filming in the motion picture/television industry.

The FAA's entire list of exemptions can be found here.


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