Texas Police Crash $250,000 Drone into Lake


282_shadowhawk_4.29.2014 Texas Police Crash $250,000 Drone into LakeA $250,000 law enforcement drone has crashed into a lake in Texas.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) says that during an exercise, the approximately 49-pound ShadowHawk, manufactured by Vanguard Defense Industries, plunged into Lake Conroe after a malfunction, according to an article by the Houston Chronicle.

Consequently, divers are scouring the lake bottom in hopes of recovering the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

The MCSO purchased the aircraft in 2011 using a federal grant. Law enforcement officials use the UAV, which is equipped with a camera and infrared scanning device, for emergency management, missing-person searches and observation of police activities.

The full Houston Chronicle article is available here.

Photo courtesy of Vanguard Defense Industries

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