Texas Company Adding UAVs to Film-Production Toolkit


1064_gi_60675_rafting Texas Company Adding UAVs to Film-Production ToolkitAustin, Texas-based Flying Cross Aerial Productions has received a Section 333 exemption to operate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for film and video production.

The company says UAVs fill an important gap between large camera cranes and jibs and full-size helicopters. The exemption grant from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) says the UAVs are a DJI S900 and a DJI S1000.

‘A full-size helicopter is still the only choice for a lot of aerial shots, so we continue to offer that capability through our partners, but the drones can turn in a big beauty shot or a close-in chase shot – all in the same flight – and that saves a lot of time and money on the production,’ says Scott Hess, company founder.

‘There are other benefits, too,” he adds. “With an FAA-approved operations and procedures manual, you know you’re getting a flight crew with experience and an aircraft that’s been properly maintained. These are all requirements of the exemption that translate to a better product and a safer set.’

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