Tethered Drone System Provides 24/7 Airborne Antenna


1259_tethered_drone_system Tethered Drone System Provides 24/7 Airborne AntennaCoral Springs, Fla.-based CellAntenna Corp. has launched a rapidly deployable tethered drone system (TDS) that can supply cellular and public-safety signal coverage in emergency situations or for special events.

According to the company, the TDS can be deployed within minutes to replace downed towers after natural disasters or supply immediate communication to mobile command centers. The TDS can also be used as a cost-effective, temporary communications tower at special events.

At the core of the TDS technology is the ability to simultaneously power a multi-rotor drone by using a lightweight tether and power supply system, CellAntenna adds.

As opposed to battery-operated drones, the TDS can provide an uninterrupted flight time exceeding 24 hours and remain on station in critical emergency situations. An emergency battery on the TDS provides return-to-home capability as a redundant power source to allow for extraordinary conditions. The TDS has already been tested in weather conditions with winds of 35 miles per hour, the company says.

A wholly owned subsidiary of CellAntenna Corp. is OpenSky Drones LLC, which recently received a commercial drone exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration.

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