TeAx Technology’s UAV Thermal Camera Weighs in at Five Grams

Germany-based TeAx Technology, which specializes in the development and integration of special payloads for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), has created the ThermalCapture MiniAV, a thermal-imaging camera weighing only 5 g and measuring 3.2 x 2.0 cm.

TeAx Technology says it delivered a proof of concept by integrating the ThermalCapture MiniAV to a consumer drone and putting it into operation. The company, pegging it as “the world’s smallest, commercial, long-wavelength infrared thermal drone,” offers footage here.

Stefan Thamke, one of the CEOs of TeAx Technology, explains that the company, which often provides FLIR solutions for customers, wanted to “create an even smaller solution” than FLIR’s Vue and VuePro thermal cameras.

The camera offers an analog video output in PAL (common in Europe) or NTSC (common in North America). With an available frame rate of 9 Hz, it provides a resolution of either 160×120 pixels or 80×60 pixels. To ensure optimal image quality, says TeAx, the camera also includes a shutter.

The company says the ThermalCapture camera is available for all drones that can carry at least 5 g of payload. The camera, now commercially available, comes pre-configured to be used out of the box. teax drone 2


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