TeAx Enhances Thermal Mapping with ThermalCapture 2.0

Hardware and software application solutions provider TeAx Technology says it has developed an enhanced method for stitching thermal images.

Stefan Thamke, CEO of TeAx Technology, explains that operators often use the flat-field-correction process, a process to “recalibrate a thermal core while using it.”

Although useful, the company says, the FFC event imposes challenges for those who aim for accurate thermal mapping – without temperature changes due to the FFC event, which partly leads to wrong results. Therefore, TeAx has devised a solution, ThermalCapture 2.0, which automatically detects FFC events while it is recording the radiometric data stream to a microSD card.

TeAx says the technology also measures the internal temperature of the camera at the same time. With the temperature information, an automated adjustment of the stored temperature within the post-processing is being performed.

In addition, the collected thermal data is automatically stored and prepared by TeAx’s ThermalCapture 2.0 in a way that third-party mapping tools, such as Pix4D, Agisoft or others, can process the thermal, geo-referenced data seamlessly and convert them into required (thermal) maps or other required models, TeAx notes.

“This is the base for homogeneous stitching for thermal mapping, as there are no longer any ‘jumps’ of temperatures,” adds Thamke.

Photo courtesy of TeAx Technology.


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