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Save the Date: FAA Confirms Timeline for Final UAS Rules

Although integration into national airspace is out of the question for congressionally ordered September of this year, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) will, indeed, have...

Canadian Roofing Company Expects UAVs to Save Workers’ Lives

General Roofing Systems Canada (GRS) says it is developing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology to work alongside roofing staff in an effort to save...

Conservation Group Seeking UAS to Save Critters from Farm Machinery

Amid concerns for the decreasing brown hare population in Devon County, U.K., a group is seeking a heat-finding unmanned aerial system (UAS) to help...

Students’ UAS Could Save Farmers ‘Staggering’ Amount of Money

High school students in Maryland have created unmanned aerial systems (UAS) that could potentially do wonders in helping farmers control pests. A report from...

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