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Opening Brief Filed in EPIC’s Lawsuit Against FAA

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), having cited a failure for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to establish privacy safeguards for commercial drones in...

Google, NASA & FAA to be Opening Keynote at Drone World Expo

The upcoming Drone World Expo is opening with a keynote from officials with NASA, Google and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), who will provide...

UAV Testing Facility Opening on the Cayman Islands

Tayzu Robotics, a manufacturer and developer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), has reached an exclusivity agreement with the government of the Cayman Islands to...

UAViate Opening U.K. Training Academy to Change Public Perception of Drones

UAViate, a drone consultancy group in the U.K., says it is lobbying to change public perceptions of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) by launching an...

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