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Airline to Roll out Fleet Inspections by Drone in 2016

European airline easyJet says it has successfully completed an automated drone inspection of one of its planes. easyJet made the announcement during a pan-European...

A Fleet of UAVs Inspecting Power Lines in Spain

Multinational power company Endesa has deployed a total of 14 drones in Spain to inspect the country's electricity lines. The drones will be used...

New Start-Up Creating Drone Fleet Management Platform

Anticipating a growing need to effectively manage drone fleets for businesses, entrepreneur and software engineer Bryan Field-Elliot has launched a new company that is...

U.K. Airline to Inspect Fleet with Drones

British airline easyJet has announced that it will be using unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to assist in external inspections of its collection of Airbus...

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