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PRENAV Develops Precision Drone System Suited for Industrial Inspections

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on August 26, 2015

PRENAV, a technology start-up based in California’s Silicon Valley, says it has developed a commercial drone system that provides centimeter-level accuracy for flying close to structures, such as for cell tower or wind turbine inspections. The patent-pending navigation system consists [Read More]

Prague Company Develops Long-Endurance UAV for Commercial Purposes

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on August 5, 2015

Primoco UAV SE – based in Prague, Czech Republic – has developed a long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and is bringing it to the international market. Suited for commercial applications, the aircraft can fly autonomously through pre-programmed flight plans and [Read More]

HES Develops New Fuel Cell for Low-Altitude UAVs

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on April 22, 2015

Singaporean company Horizon Energy Systems (HES) has introduced an on-demand hydrogen generation technology, based on a solid fuel system, to further improve the flight endurance of small, fuel-cell, electric drones. The new 700Wh/kg solid fuel AEROPAK-S eliminates the need for [Read More]

Galois Develops Anti-Hacking Software for Commercial UAVs

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on March 9, 2015

Galois, a Portland, Ore.-based company that specializes in protecting information, devices, networks and vehicles, says it has developed and demonstrated anti-hacking software for commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), as well as cars and other devices. Galois conducted a successful demonstration [Read More]

PrecisionHawk Develops Low Altitude Tracking and Avoidance System

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on January 12, 2015

PrecisionHawk Inc., an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) manufacturer and aerial data processing and analysis company, has introduced a new solution called LATAS (low altitude tracking and avoidance system) for the safe integration of UAVs into national airspace. As an automated [Read More]

Calif. Manufacturer Develops Travel-Friendly Backpack for Quadcopters

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on December 18, 2014

Think Tank Photo, a Santa Rosa, Calif.-based manufacturer of camera bags and accessories, is releasing what it says is a travel-friendly backpack specifically for users of DJI Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision or other similar-size quadcopters. The Airport Helipak, coming [Read More]

PINC Develops UAV for Elevating Supply Chain Execution

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on November 17, 2014

Alameda, Calif.-based PINC Solutions, a provider of advanced yard management and supply chain execution solutions, is launching a new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) dubbed PINC Air. According to the company, many large manufacturers struggle with keeping an accurate and timely [Read More]

UAV-America Develops Aircraft to Protect Endangered Species

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on July 30, 2014

UAV-America, a New Hampshire-based designer and builder of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), is helping a South African game preserve protect white rhinos by using a multi-rotor unmanned aircraft. The UAV is equipped with infrared thermal imaging and daylight cameras, which [Read More]