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Intel’s Aero Drone Offers Mixed Bag of New Tech, Including AirMap

The newly released AirMap Platform is allowing anyone, such as app developers and UAS manufacturers, to integrate AirMap’s information into their products - including Intel.

Strat Aero Raises $1.9M to Support Integrated UAV Operations

Strat Aero PLC, an international aerospace company focused on the rapidly emerging unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sector, says it has raised 1.28 million British...

Aerospace Company Strat Aero Makes Acquisition to Expand into UAV Sector

Strat Aero PLC, an international aerospace company increasingly focused on the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sector, has entered into a share purchase agreement for...

Aero Kinetics Brings 3D Metal Printing to its UAS

Aero Kinetics says it recently partnered with SLM Solutions NA to bring 3D metal printing technology to Aero Kinetics' latest generation multi-rotor vertical takeoff...

Aero Kinetics Provides Online Platform for Leasing & Purchasing UAS

Fort Worth, Texas-based Aero Kinetics has launched an online platform for both leasing and purchasing unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). New and existing customers can...

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