Swedish Unmanned Aircraft Manufacturer Joins Commercial Drone Alliance

CybAero – an unmanned helicopter manufacturer based in the Mjardevi Science Park in Linkoping, Sweden – has joined the U.S.-based Commercial Drone Alliance, a nonprofit dedicated to helping commercial enterprises adopt drones and addressing perception and policy issues around the technology.

CybAero will be represented in the coalition by Michael Auerbach, board member at CybAero and senior vice president at Albright Stonebridge Group.

“We are thrilled to be joining an organization that is opening one of the world’s biggest markets to this game-changing technology,” says Rolf Schytt, CEO of CybAero. “We are eager to work with the industry to demonstrate the positive capabilities that drones can provide to both business and society.”

“CybAero has made extraordinary developments in commercial drone technology,” adds Lisa Ellman co-executive director of the alliance. “They will be a valuable member of our alliance and will add useful insights from a manufacturer’s perspective as we seek to open the commercial drone industry together.”


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