Surveying Solution Combines LidarPod with Long-Endurance UAV

Surveying Solution Combines LidarPod with Long-Endurance UAVU.K.-based Routescene has collaborated with Germany-based Hanseatic Aviation Solutions to develop an integrated, fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and LidarPod solution.

The successful maiden flight of the integrated Hanseatic S360 and Routescene LidarPod took place in July in Bremen, Germany. The system can fly long distances for applications including power line inspections, biomass mapping of forests and geophysical surveying.

Michael Schmidt, managing director of Hanseatic Aviation Solutions, and Gert Riemersma, CEO of Routescene, first met at Intergeo 2014, where Routescene launched the LidarPod, a turnkey LiDAR system for UAVs that enables faster surveys and decreases time in the field and data-download time.
The Hanseatic S360, with a wingspan of 3.6 meters and a payload of up to 6 kg, offers four hours of endurance in a standard configuration, long-range telemetry, an autopilot system and missing planning.

“The affinity between our companies and the potential was obvious. Exploratory discussions with clients confirmed a real demand, and we started development in earnest at the start of 2015. We have already seen significant interest from the forestry and geophysical exploration community,” states Riemersma.



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