Students’ UAS Could Save Farmers ‘Staggering’ Amount of Money


364_462785495 Students' UAS Could Save Farmers 'Staggering' Amount of MoneyHigh school students in Maryland have created unmanned aerial systems (UAS) that could potentially do wonders in helping farmers control pests.

A report from WUSA9 says the students at the Career Technology Center in Frederick made three UAS that can eliminate the European Corn Borer, a worm-like insect that commonly does damage to farmers' crops.

After a UAS hovers over the field, the arms can move down and “drag the crop up and examine the bottom side” and then “move back down, spread out and move back up, as to not damage the crop,” 11th grader Nathan Eschbach told WUSA9.

Another crop-dusting UAS, which can spray the cornfields, adds to the students’ fleet of UAS that could, in the future, help farmers save a “staggering” amount of money and time, according to the report.

The full WUSA9 article can be found here.

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