Students Create UAS to Rescue Swimmers from Drowning


608_179138139 Students Create UAS to Rescue Swimmers from DrowningCollege students in the United Arab Emirates have developed an unmanned aerial system that can both locate and rescue individuals who are in danger of drowning.

According to a report from Emirates 24/7, engineering students at Ajman University came up with a program for Microsoft's motion-sensing Kinect and combined the technology with a Surface Pro and UAS.

The aircraft, which has night vision and can also be deployed to find someone in the desert, can plunge 30 meters (nearly 100 feet) into the water and send out a tube after locating an individual.

The report says the UAS can also detect a heartbeat from up to two meters (around 6.5 feet) away.

The full Emirates 24/7 article can be found here.

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