STEM Education Provider Launches ‘Droneology’

PCS Edventures!, a provider of K-12 science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education products, has launched a new educational platform, the ED! App, whose first title focuses on drones.

“Droneology” offers seven lessons: introduction to drones, flight basics, flight safety, basic piloting skills, laws and regulations, ethical operations, and the future of drones.

At the completion of each lesson, users receive coupons from PCS Edventures! Partners offering discounts on drone devices and accessories. STEMfinity and Thrust-UAV are two partners providing offers upon the launch, and PCS is recruiting additional resellers.

“We wanted to create an exciting educational introduction to safety and responsibility for new drone users,” says Dahlton Grover, the in-house PCS Droneologist and driving force behind the title. “There are increasing safety concerns surrounding drones, and we want recreational users and general consumers to be properly educated on the fundamentals of safety and operation. If you’re buying a drone for a family member this holiday season, buy Droneology for a stocking stuffer. ”

More information can be found here.


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