Splash Drone Features Emergency Flares, Waterproof Gimbal

Urban Drones LLC recently created the Splash Drone, a waterproof quadcopter that allows operators to shoot underwater 4K video.

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the aircraft ends on April 8. The Splash Drone surpassed its goal on Kickstarter just 24 hours after the campaign was launched in March. As of April 6, it has reached almost $250,000. According to the company’s timeline, it will order all components this month, begin assembly in May and start shipping in July and August.

The aircraft has autonomous features, a payload release mechanism, an emergency flare system and the drone market’s first waterproof camera stabilizing gimbal, according to Urban Drones.
1043_splash_drone Splash Drone Features Emergency Flares, Waterproof Gimbal
The aircraft comes in two flavors, GPS-standard and fully autonomous. The autonomous version can be flown by drawing a shape with one finger on the Droid Planner App, available on the Google Play App store. The GPS-standard version, with an aluminum travel case, starts at $799.

The Splash also has a follow-me feature, which allows users to command the drone to follow a subject around without giving it control inputs.

Both versions of the Splash Drone have GPS-assisted navigation and include a remote control with an imbedded on-screen display (OSD), which shows critical information on a backlit LCD, including location, altitude, battery live, flight direction and flying mode.

‘If you're the outdoors type, the Splash Drone is your waterproof flying camera,” says Alex Rodriguez, CEO of Urban Drones. “It is not only for fun, but it is also useful during emergency situations. Normally, when you deploy an emergency flare, it disappears in 10 seconds; now, with the Splash Drone, you can deploy an emergency flare for 15 minutes, giving you a much better chance of being seen by search and rescue personnel.”

More information can be found here.

Photo courtesy of Kickstarter/Urban Drones


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