South African Company Sells ‘Repugnant’ Pepper-Spray Drone

360_warning_sign South African Company Sells 'Repugnant' Pepper-Spray DroneDrone manufacturer Desert Wolf has sold to an undisclosed mining company its first sale of 25 units of a pepper-spray-firing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

BBC News reports that the South Africa-based company calls its Skunk octocopter, which can also fire dye markers and plastic bullets, a ‘riot control copter’ that allows security personnel to stay away from the danger of a large crowd.

The International Trade Union Federation told BBC News that this UAV is a ‘deeply disturbing and repugnant development’ and that the organization wants to pinpoint which company placed the order.

The Skunk, capable of holding 4,000 bullets at once and shooting 20 per second, also features speakers for voicing messages, cameras and high-intensity lasers.

Although Desert Wolf’s managing director told BBC news that it is a “non-lethal solution” for controlling masses of people, the chair of the International Committee for Robot Arms Control campaign group considers it a “form of torture.”

The full BBC News report can be found here.


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