Sony Enters Drone Industry by Launching Joint Venture for UAV Solutions

Sony Enters Drone Industry by Launching Joint Venture for UAV SolutionsSony Mobile Communications Inc. and ZMP Inc. have established a joint venture for developing and providing enterprise solutions using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for image capture and cloud-based data processing.

Sony Mobile and ZMP will jointly found Aerosense Inc., which is slated to be established in early August and be based in Tokyo. The investment ratio will be 49.995% ZMP and 50.005% Sony.

Sony’s camera, sensing, telecommunications network and robotics technologies will be leveraged alongside ZMP’s automated driving and robotics technologies.

Aerosense Inc. will combine these assets and develop comprehensive solutions that meet client needs such as measuring, surveying, observing and inspecting. It aims to roll out these services for enterprise customers beginning in 2016.

Sony says it is proactively engaging in new business creation initiatives, with a particular focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) sector. This joint venture represents a part of this push into IoT, as Sony says it strives to develop and manage total-package cloud solutions.

ZMP’s stated mission is “Robot of Everything: To create a safe, fun and comfortable lifestyle with robotics technology.” In line with this, ZMP has developed its automated driving technology and put it into use in various fields. To date, these solutions have been limited to the ground; however, with this joint venture, ZMP will take to the skies and apply its expertise in an entirely different realm, as it aims to create new services that were not possible on land.1354_sony_drone.jpg


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