Some Airports Offering Web-Based Notification Form for UAS Operators

Under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules, unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operators must notify an airport if they plan to fly within five miles. Now, some airports have introduced online forms for making the notification process easier.

As pointed out on Twitter by DJI’s Brendan Schulman, Florida’s Tampa International Airport and Arizona’s Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, for example, provide forms on their respective websites for UAS operators.

Tampa’s form requires identifying information about the operator, the date and location of the planned flight, and the local airports that will be impacted.

“By completing and submitting this form, you will satisfy your requirement to notify the Airport and the FAA of your UAS/drone operation,” the notification form says.

Phoenix’s form is similar to Tampa’s but also includes an estimated time frame of the operation, rather than only the date.

Both sites also offer a wealth of safety information, including references to the Know Before You Fly campaign and the FAA’s drone registration system.


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